WELCOME to the Bluebird Internal Website!
Updated: 4/1/2014
Birthdays to Celebrate in April:
Eileen DiPalma April 8
Samantha Blume April 11
Brian Powers April 15
Rob Hano April 19
Company Tenure Anniversaries:  
Rob Hano 19 years
Darrell West 19 years


Our Current WIGS (Wildly Important Goals):

1. Create an HTML5 Front-End to RentWorks (version 5)

2. Obtain PCI Compliant Certification


Upcoming Events
April 7-8: Car Rental Show, Las Vegas
April 10-11: Tender Retail Conference, Las Vegas
April 23: All Hands Meeting
April 30-May 1: Progress Advisory Council, Miami
May 4-7: Avis Licensee Convention, Bermuda
May 21-22: NJ Car Expo, Raritan Center