WELCOME to the Bluebird Internal Website!
Updated: 8/1/2014
Birthdays to Celebrate in August:
Chris Wroblewski August 16
Kristen Porter August 29
Company Tenure Anniversaries:  
Steve Pancoast 9 years
Robert Rodriguez 19 years


Our Current WIGS (Wildly Important Goals):

1. Create an HTML5 Front-End to RentWorks using OE Mobile

2. Obtain PCI Compliant Certification


Upcoming Events
August 9: Summer Picnic, Lewis Morris County Park
Sept. 8-10: LexisNexis Advisory Council, San Diego
Sept. 26-27: Avis LAC Meeting, Miami
Oct. 5-10: Progress Exchange/PAC, Orlando
Oct. 14-16: Chrysler Convention, Orlando
Nov. 10-11: Auto Rental Summit, Hollywood, FL